We want to know YOU.... tell us about yourself.

Please submit a video answering the questions below, or contact us through email at [email protected] to schedule an interview.


1. Background and Experience

  • How long have you been a licensed barber?
  • How many barbershops/salons have you worked in?
  • What roles have you held in these settings?

2. Interest and Motivation

  • When did you first become interested in the cosmetology field and why?
  • Why did you decide to pursue a career in this industry

3. Position and Fit

  • Why are you applying to work at Slik Barber Lounge?
  • Can you share an experience of working effectively as part of a team?

4. Strength and Weaknesses

  • What are your strengths as a barber?
  • What areas do you feel need improvement?

4. Future Plans

  • What are your career goals in the cosmetology industry?

*Instructions for video: Please create a brief (2 minute) video addressing the following points – your barber licensing and experience, your interest and motivation for joining the cosmetology/barbering field, reasons for applying to our shop, an instance of effective teamwork, your strengths and area for improvement as a barber, and your career goals in this industry.